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Good day friends, we are glad to introduce you our new traditional Solitaire Card Game, which is a FREE app you can play on any Android or iOS devices.

Solitaire is an old-time classic game popular among all ages, countries and genders. For sure it is the easiest, yet extremely addictive way to pass the time. Solitaire can entertain you at any occasions and it takes just few minutes to make a round. Whether you are having few hours break at home, or short pause in the office, or you might be on your way back home from work or studies, or having few hours break outside on a sunny day. Simply switch on your mobile, connect to the internet and start playing. Even without connection you can still enjoy Solitaire Card Game in Offline mode. Forget what is to be bored with Solitaire Card Game and never miss a game.

The great thing about Solitaire Card Game is that it is super social and addictive. Here you can meet millions of players from all over the world and also bring your friends from social networks. Together with other players you can enjoy various multi-player game modes, participate in tournaments, and game leagues. You can exchange gifts, chat online while playing, or play in private one on one game.

Solitaire Card game is developed using latest programming technologies; it is very fast, has beautiful design and quality graphics. Game logic is very simple and therefore gaming experience is smooth and extremely enjoyable. At registration every Solitaire Card Game player receives free package of game chips (game currency) and gems. Every hour of the game you are awarded additional coins, and XP level you earn by playing our FREE games.

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Solitaire Game Strategy

To play Solitaire doesn't require in-depth skills or much of the efforts, yet you need to be attentive to the details and react quickly, especially playing in multi-player games, since timing is taken into account.

The goal of Solitaire Card Game is to place all the 52 cards in the deck to the foundation piles. You should stack four piles of the same suit in the ascending order starting with the Ace and ending with the King. Initially part of the cards is laying on the tableau in seven piles faces-down with only top cards turned upwards. And the rest is laying in the stock pile also faces down. You can drag the cards in between the piles in order to flip the facing-down cards, if there is spare pile on the tableau you can always place there a king, if there is one in top cards, and start building new pile form there. Notice that while playing in the tableau you don't need to keep the same suite, but the piles should be in alternate colors and in descending order. Few words about the stock cards, you can flip the stock every time you are out of moves. After you do this, cards will appear in the waist pile facing-up. It might be 1 or 3 cards draw from the stock, depending on what you have chosen at the start of the game. From the waist you can either drag matching cards directly to the foundation piles, or use them in the tableau area. When all the cards have been moved to the foundations, the game is over. Congratulations!

Solitaire Game Features

Solitaire Card Game is the next generation FREE Android and iOS game, which you can find on Google Play and App Store. Solitaire Card Game imposes best design practices, the most entertaining game modes and smooth gaming experience. Solitaire Card Game steps ahead all other games available out there, our highly engaged team of professionals took a great care of creating the most addictive and fun game. Solitaire Card Game doesn't support third party ads, so there is no hidden traffic or irritating interruption during the game.

The best thing about Solitaire Card game, it is very social. Here you can register with Facebook or Google+ account and play along with your friends from social networks. Also can challenge millions of people worldwide and enjoy our exciting tournaments, where you play versus 7 opponents on knockout basis. And the first three winners are getting in our tournament leaderboards. You can also play tournaments as a part of the weekly league competition. There are four types of leagues you can take part in. Big ones, like country and world leagues, or small ones like your league and friends' league. Your league you can create by yourself. Isn't it fun? There are also FREE mini games in Solitaire Card Game, which you should definitely try, as they are really cute and you can earn extra chips and gems.

During the game you can keep conversation and exchange gifts with other players. There are regular promotions in Solitaire Champ, where you can excel your prizes and earn double or more chips and gems. At the start we equip you with free chips and gems, which you can increase while playing. In the game shop you always can purchase additional game chips and gems and more.